current tenant resources

If you are currently a tenant of WJL Companies, the following resources are available for your convenience:

maintenance requests

Below are several common maintenance requests we receive – please review these before contacting us regarding a maintenance issue. As a reminder, lockouts are not considered an emergency and fees will apply for these requests.

Lockouts are not considered an emergency. Our fees for lockouts are $35 during normal business hours, and $70 outside of our normal business hours (subject to employee availability). 

As a courtesy, we replace the filters in the spring and fall, but for better performance we recommend changing them July 1st and again on January 1st. Tenants with pets are required to change air filters once a month. 

If your unit is equipped with a garbage disposal, we ask that you do not put oils, fats and fibrous foods (celery, asparagus, artichokes, chard, kale, lettuce, potato peelings, onion skins) into the garbage disposal. These items can easily entangle the blades causing it to jam.

If you’re experiencing thermostat issues, please follow these steps before contacting maintenance:

     1. Check the batteries.
     2. Check the filter. 

Still having issues? Please contact our maintenance team!

still need to request maintenance?

If you have reviewed the information provided above and still need to request maintenance, please fill out this online Maintenance Request Form, and we’ll be in contact with your shortly to address the issue.

Be sure to include all required information, with plenty of details regarding the specific maintenance issue you are experiencing. As a reminder, tenants are responsible for appliance repairs/replacement. 

Did you recently request maintenance? Please tell us about your experience!

Online rent payment

For convenience, our tenants are welcome to use Zelle for online rent payment. We additionally support PayPal and Venmo, but please note that credit card fees will apply. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further assistance!

As a reminder, you can also pay via check or an online recurring billing system through your bank.

rent dropbox

Our rent dropbox is located at 2715 Cherokee Street (Cherokee Business Incubator building) outside the entrance, to the left of the ATM machine. The dropbox will be checked every morning, and all payments must be in a sealed envelope with your name and address clearly written on the front. Keeping this in mind, we would strongly encourage everyone to drop off checks.

Please note: any cash payments will require prior arrangements with our office. Please send us a notification via email to begin this process. We cannot guarantee cash payment security until an email receipt is transmitted. WJL Companies is not responsible for any lost payments via cash.


Please call AmerenUE and/or Spire directly to set up your electric and gas accounts. Contact information is provided below.

Ameren  | 800-552-7583 

AT&T | (800) 288-2020

Please note that it may take a few days to set up this process and confirm it through PayPal as they link to your bank account.

Charter | (888) 438-2427 

Spire | 800-887-4173

Many of our area neighborhoods provide community mixed source recycled dumpsters. Please read the Earth Circle Recycling Guide to find out which household items are accepted.

For the trash and bulk pick up schedule, please click one of the following links depending on your location:


WJL Companies may sponsor gardening and/or other projects at your property. Please contact us to get more information on this process using the email subject line, “Sponsored gardening/other project at [address].”

We are now offering FREE notary service for current tenants! All others must pay $5 per notarized document. Please contact us at to set up an appointment. 

Is your trash overflowing, or perhaps the road has a pothole? The Citizens’ Service Bureau’s (CSB) purpose is to “effectively and efficiently register and route city service requests, answer citizen requests for information, and provide City departments with statistics as needed.” Please click here to visit their website to report a problem.

You can live chat with a representative, report an issue online, via phone or Twitter (X) too. Phone number is: 314-622-4800