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WJL Companies works to transform historical buildings that might otherwise be forgotten.

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Our commercial listings are primarily located in South City, largely on Cherokee Street. We also have warehouse space available.

1246 Lewis Street

3606 BATES



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Our residential properties are primarily located in South City. All units are remodeled and outfitted with many energy saving features. New windows, appliances, and counter tops, original hardwood floors, neutral color palettes, vaulted ceilings, and high white base boards are standard in most of our properties.

6333 (2E) S. ROSEBURY AVE.

6332 (3W) N. ROSEBURY AVE.

6333 (1W) S. ROSEBURY AVE.

6323 (1W) S. ROSEBURY AVE. (2 Bedroom’s & 2 Bathroom’s)

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